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O Scale Operating Building Exhaust Fan, Just Like Real !

Price: $24.99

In Stock
Item Number: OD2237P

JUST LIKE THE REAL THING !!  this operational building wall fan actually spins to add that extra touch of animation to your building's....can be adjusted to spin slow or faster by the voltage you choose to operate it at....very unique animated detailing ! ONLY a 1/8" hole in your building wall is required.........Can operate at 3V, 6V or 9V (maximum 9V) can run off of a compatible train accessory pack or just hook it straight up to a battery pack with an inline switch available  at radio shack for example very simple and a great unique detail you don't see on every layout !!!!

THIS INDUSTRIAL FAN is 1" square on the exterior housing (maximum outside dimension)

Fan comes Pre Painted for you as well !!!

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